Monday, 9 July 2007

Boys trip

Hi Sis, here is a photo from when we went to see colin at batemans bay a few weeks back. We think we were around 14-15 yrs old. How cool were we. It was good to catch up with him as we hadn't seen him for around 3 yrs. It was aboys trip bob, rod and me. It was a big weekend as you could imagine. Anyway here is the before and after pic for you.

Friday, 6 July 2007

Hello all, well it’s been a while since my last update due to frustration and the can't be @#$^!*. But after a friendly chat with my big sister and a little instruction on how to use this, I’m back on track.

Firstly to Thomas, Who won the last the round of the V8's??? If you’re not sure look to the left hand side of this post. See it? Suck eggs little man!!!!!!!

Anyway, i have noticed that Tracey has put my link on her blog page so I would just like to make it clear to all off her friends that might visit this page that I’m the mature, smarter and going by Tracey's post on the 04/07/07 day 13 photo, I’m also the better looking one. Now just as teaser you will have to keep back to see if I put a photo up to back up my comments.

Well sis, life is good down here sitting in front of the wood fire watching the footy. Once again I’m working a six day week as we are still flat out with work. The girls are on holidays for another week and we have Nadine's sister and 2 kids coming down next week for a few days. I think Nadine is looking forward to her coming down so she can catch up with her and have the kids amuse themselves.

I help mum set up her blog last night but I’m starting think that it was a bad idea. I can see myself on the phone with every time she wants to update it. I have told her to ring you if she has any problems since you are the expert.

Well that’s enough for me, I’ll post again soon.

Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Hi Sis, here is a pic of the lake that was taken a few momths ago now. I'll have to get a updated pic for to compare. I'll do some updating tomorrow night for you as Heros is coming on and i can't miss that.

Monday, 25 June 2007

Weekend Rap

Hello all or should i Sis.

Busy last week with work. We are so busy at the moment. Been working 6 days a week for a while now and the odd 7 day week. The girls have been finding it hard with me working all the time so i took Ashlyn to see Shrek Thrid. Tianna didn't want to go because she said it would be to loud, Mum and Colin came came with us. It was a good movie, we all had a laugh or two. Ashlyn liked the preview for the Bee Hive movie more then Shrek i think.

Nadine is playing Basket ball again in the winter comp. She does it for a bit of fun with a few of the girls. I will take the girls to watch every now and then but they get bored quick though and they start running around.

Anyway thats enough for me for one day.

BTW, Craig Lowndes won the Darwin round of the V8's yippee.

The Becketts Of Colac

Friday, 22 June 2007

The Becketts Of Colac

Hello all,

We have set our blog as a bit off fun. I'm not sure how often it will be updated but i'll try for once a week. I think it will mainly be used by family and my imediate friendsbu who knows.
The Becketts Of Colac consist of Cory Beckett 36, Nadine Beckett 32 and our 2 beatiful girls Ashlyn 5 and Tianna 3. We have lived in Colac all our lives and can't see us leaving.

The name The Becketts Of Colac was choosen due to our surname and since The Becketts were taken i decided it would sound more regal if we made it "The Becketts Of Colac"

Stay tuned for more later.

The Becketts